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INEX Exchange will be built to help you to stay on top of your portfolio regardless if you're a beginner or expert.


The INEX Platform will offer a decentralized-cryptocurrency exchange service. It aims to enable anyone to own virtual currencies in under five minutes, using their mobile phones.Never miss another opportunity, trade on the go with our mobile platform. Compatible with ios and Android mobile devices. Inex will be offered in both browser platform as well as mobile app.


With mobile becoming the preferred way to use the internet, our goal is to provide our users with a successful on the go trading experience.

Providing #1 Service

Fast Performance
  • Fast - responsive exchange Interface

  • Automated withdrawal/deposit system

  • 24/7 fast customer support

  • Easy to access

  • User friendly interface

  • Stop-loss feature

  • Multi-language supported

Top Security
  • Two-factor authentication 

  • Advanced encryption technology

  • High level security of funds

  • Cold storage






INEX is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency run by an open source community of skilled and enthusiastic developers.



Achieving just a small market share will result in million dollar profits for INEX token holders.



INEX aims to eliminate carrying cost by replacing with one time fees just like spot trading.



INEX is built on the ethereum blockchain. One of the fastest, secure and most eco-friendly blockchains to date.



INEX will implement most advanced order types facilitating algorithmic trading for all types of users.



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Token Details

Token Details

Token Name : Internet Exchange Token

Token Symbol : INEX

Total Supply : 11000000000

Decimal : 8

*New Contract Address : 0xa2d77f8353cb2afd709aba4a967257511ecff716

 Old Contract Address : 0x6a93AE6147ADa96a7459167c4d18e6613eFE2994


Token Sale



Operational Expenses



mercatox (1).png
*More Exchanges coming Soon.



'Great things in business are never done by one person.They are done by team of people.

We are not A TEAM because we work together. WE ARE a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.


"Coming together is a BEGINNING.

Staying together is a POGRESS.

And Working together is SUCCESS."

 - Henry Ford

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Frequently asked questions

Where to buy INEX tokens?

Buy INEX tokens with crypto at

Can i buy INEX tokens with Bitcoin/Ethereum?

Yes! INEX can be bought with INEX/BTC and INEX/ETH. Follow the links below.

How do i get benifited if i hold INEX tokens?

All Profits from INEX Exchange will be distributed among its INEX token holders based on how many INEX tokens you hold.

What is INEX tokens?

INEX also reffered as Internet Exchange Token is a ERC20 token. INEX uses Ethereum Blockchain.

What is INEX exchange?

INEX cryptocurrecy exchange is a decentralized exchange where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency at lowest fees ever.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a product of Blockchain which is a virtual currency. This does not have any kind of central authority.

Josie Lane 


We want to keep this not just for us but as a legacy for our kids. Glad we are on this ride.
Trust us when we say we dont't plan on selling our stake in INEX anytime soon.

Sara Wils

Blockchain Developer

I was presented with a similar opportunity few years ago with bitcoin and now the price is beyond my imagination. Not letting INEX pass me by this time around.

Nigel Jonathan

Marketing Expert

The INEX while new have grown rapidly, gained greater prominence in the public conscience and attracting singnificant capital from retail investors.

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